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The Gunny Claus Virtual Christmas !

December 1st we will begin our Gunny Claus Tour !
The party starts December 1st and continues till December 24th !

  • We are currently working with Active Duty Units on setting up blocks of time to make certain the families of those serving today are taken care of.
  • ALL Active Duty units need to contact Top Elf for sign up details.  Once we have our Active Duty families setup we will then start scheduling other request. 
  • How does this work? - You will be emailed a “Christmas Code” this is your access code to see Gunny Claus, this applies to both groups and One on One visit.
  • Once you have been provided a "Christmas Code" you can follow the provided link to test your video and sound.  Instructions on how to do a screen capture of the visit will be on the screen. (you might want to practice) Try it now!
  • Be patient - There may be times when Gunny Claus is seeing another Kid, the display will show you an estimated wait time. (kind of like waiting in line) Be patient. 
  • DO NOT LEAVE THE SCREEN ONCE YOU CONNECT! This will disconnect you and you will have to sign in again.
  • If you have trouble connecting, try again later your Christmas code is good anytime.
  • We do not want last names or locations! So don’t enter them, keep those serving today safe! (OPSEC)